Invite Others to Join (Desktop App)

You can invite attendees to join your session either before or during the session. Attendees who haven't registered must first fill out the required registration fields and submit the registration form before they can join the session that's already in progress.


Invite attendees while in session

While in session, you can invite attendees to join by sharing the meeting link or ID.

1. In the Attendees pane, click Invite Others.

2. Use the "Invite people" window to invite an individual in any of the following ways:

  • Instruct the individual to go to and enter the Webinar ID listed in the window.
  • Click Email to launch a new email with the session information automatically populated, then send it to the individual.
  • Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the session information to your clipboard, then paste it wherever desired (such as an instant message to the individual).


Invite attendees before a session

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1. Log in to your account online.

2. On the My Webinars page, click Share next to the desired session.

3. Select the desired method of inviting others (email, copy information, Facebook, etc.).


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