Generate a Report

GoToTraining allows you to export reports of your meeting history, attendee stats, and more. You can choose from several different types of reports to generate, depending on what details you are looking for. This comes in handy when you need details on your sessions including attendee information, questions and answers, test scores, and more. All data will be exported to an Excel (.xlsx) or comma-separated values (.csv) file.

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click Generate Reports in the left menu.
  3. Select the report type:
    • Registration Report – Shows when each person registered for the session and their answers to the registration questions.
    • Attendee Report – Shows details about each attendee, including registration information and how long they attended the session.
    • Evaluation Report – Shows evaluation questions and attendees' answers.
    • Registrant Test Report – Shows when registrants submitted tests for a training, their scores for each test and the average test score.
    • Test Report by Date – Shows the average score for one test and the average score for each test question over a specified date range.
    • Training History Report – Shows the duration and number of attendees for each training over a specified date range.
  4. Choose a date range within the last year, or choose specific From and To dates to filter your report data.
  5. Click Show Training Sessions to see the results.
  6. To export the data, choose either Excel or CSV and then click Generate Report.
  7. Once you're ready to export the data, click Download.

Be notified of report status via email

When you're generating and running reports for a large amount of registrants, it can often take up to 15 minutes. Rather than staying on the reports page and waiting, you will receive notification emails of the report status.
  1. Once you select Generate Report, you will see a Spinning icon letting you know that the generating process has begun.

    • If the report takes less than 15 seconds to generate, it will be immediately downloaded onto your computer.
    • If the report takes longer than 15 seconds to generate, you will see a new message assuring you that and email will be sent to you when the report is ready for download and that you may leave the page without interrupting the generating process.

  2. When a report has been successfully generated, you will receive an email with a Download Report link. If the report was not successfully generated, you will receive an email with a link to try generating and running the report again.

View past reports

You can access any reports that you've ran within the last 7 days. This means viewing and downloading past reports without having to generate them again. To access, these reports, you can use the Download Report link provided in the email sent to you. This link will remain active for 7 days after the report was run, and then it will expire.