GoToMeeting for Salesforce Setup and Requirements

Before using GoToMeeting for Salesforce, the integration must be installed, you must have a Salesforce account, a GoToMeeting account, and you must link individual GoToMeeting accounts with Salesforce.


The requirements for GoToMeeting for Salesforce are:

This article covers how to link your GoToMeeting account with Salesforce.

Link your GoToMeeting and Salesforce accounts

You link accounts by signing into Salesforce after the installation is complete. Once a user successfully signs into GoToMeeting, the Salesforce user account gets linked to the GoToMeeting account profile.

  1. Sign in to Salesforce.
  2. Open the GoToMeeting tab.

  3. Choose Sign in. The GoToMeeting sign-in displays.

  4. Enter your GoToMeeting credentials and choose Sign in.