Using the Control Panel (Windows and Mac)

To get the most out of GoToMeeting, you can download and install the full-feature desktop software on your Windows and Mac computer. This allows you to access all of our great collaboration tools, including drawing tools, shared keyboard/mouse control and multi-monitor screen sharing.

When you start or join a session using the desktop app, the app's Control Panel provides you with access to all of the in-session features and tools that GoToMeeting offers!

Note: Please note that this article applies only to the GoToMeeting desktop app (which is the software downloaded onto your computer). If you joined using the no-download, browser-based Web App, you will see a toolbar on your screen instead of the desktop app Control Panel that is described here.

Downloading the desktop app is available on paid plans only. Learn more.

Topics in this article:

Features and tools

Collapse, rearrange or separate panes

Switch between Control Panel and Grab Tab

Rearrange webcams and Presenter's screen in the Viewer (Windows only)


Features and tools

(a) Mute/unmute

(b) Share your screen, change presenter and give keyboard/mouse control

(c) Share your webcam

(d) Manage your audio mode

(e) See the audience view

  • See the Audience View – See a preview of what your attendees are seeing to make sure your presentation is on point!

(f) Manage attendees

(g) Chat with others

(h) Record the session

  • Record a Session – Record the presenter's screen, audio and shared applications during a session, then upload and store the recording for people to view.

(i) Use Drawing tools (Windows only)

  • Use Drawing Tools (Desktop App) – Use drawing tools to draw on your shared screen and better illustrate points. Note that attendees who joined using a method other than the desktop app (such as the Web App or mobile apps) will not be able to use this feature.

Collapse, rearrange or separate panes

The Windows Control Panel allows you to customize GoToMeeting to your own style and preference, including collapsing and rearranging the panes to whichever order works best for you and easily separating out some or all panes so that you can re-size them and move them where you want.

  • To separate a pane from the Control Panel, simply click the pane and drag it away from the Control Panel (Windows) or click the Expand icon (Mac). You can then re-size it and drag it around your desktop independently of the Control Panel.

  • To rearrange the panes within the Control Panel, click and drag a pane to the desired location. You will see a highlighted indicator while dragging. (Windows only)

  • To separate a pane from the Grab Tab, click the Attendee and/or Chat icons to make the separate panes appear. If you expand the Grab Tab into the full Control Panel, the pane(s) will remain separated.

  • To return a pane to the Control Panel or Grab Tab, click the Close button at the top of the separated pane.

Switch between Control Panel and Grab Tab

Even when the Control panel is minimized into the Grab tab, the most critical features remain accessible with just one click: Mute, Share Screen and Share Webcam.

  • To shrink the Control Panel into the Grab Tab, click the Shrink icon in the top navigation (Windows) or the Shrink icon in the left navigation (Mac).
  • To expand the Grab Tab into the Control Panel (e.g., show all panes), click the Expand button on the far right (Windows) or the Expand button on the top (Mac) .


Rearrange webcams and Presenter's screen in the Viewer (Windows only)

When a presenter is sharing their screen and at least one attendee is sharing their webcam, you can rearrange the windows within your Viewer so you can focus on what's important to you.

  • When you click the Enlarge icon for an item currently in the sidebar, it will be swapped out with the featured item (i.e., the currently featured item will move to the sidebar and will be replaced by the selected item).

  • When you click the Shrink icon for an item currently being featured, it will move into the sidebar and no other item will replace it (i.e., there will be no featured item, and all items will appear in the sidebar).