How do I update my Active Directory Connector setup?

The Active Director Connector (ADC) allows companies to automatically grant and rescind access to our GoTo products for their employees.

Due to the merger between GoTo products and LogMeIn, many of our products and services must be updated, including the Active Directory Connector. If your company uses our Active Directory Connector (ADC) to manage the GoTo product accounts for your employees, then you or your IT Admin will need to make some updates to ensure uninterrupted service.

You have 2 options for making these updates:

Update your software to v2

The latest and greatest version of the Active Directory Connector is now available! This new version provides all the same great features and tools as your existing software, but makes managing your user accounts easier than ever.

The most notable change is the User Sync feature, which is a new service within your existing Admin Center that allows you to set up rules to automatically update product entitlements and roles for your SCIM-based users in response to updates in your Active Directory.

Learn how to update to v2 here!

Update the settings in your existing software (v1)

If you're not ready to upgrade to ADC v2 yet, you can just update your existing version of the software intead. Since the Active Directory Connector uses APIs to connect with LogMeIn servers, you will need to update the API Base URL in the application's settings.

  1. Launch the Active Directory Connector.
  2. Select the Connections tab.
  3. Find the "API URL" field under "Collaboration account" and delete the existing text.
  4. Enter https://api.getgo.com.
  5. Click Apply changes to save.