Managing Desktop Support Sessions

Everything you need to know about features and tools available to you during attended sessions supporting desktop computers.

  • Working with multiple sessions
    To cover scenarios where a support agent needs to be supporting several customers simultaneously, agents can start new sessions when they already have an active session.
  • Transferring a session
    RescueAssist allows agents to pass a support session to another active agent within their organization.
  • Working with System Information (Diagnostic Reports)
    The System Info tab provides a snapshot of the current status of the customer's device to help you troubleshoot problems.
  • Rebooting a Customer's Device
    Agents can shut down and restart the customer's computer to aid with software installation, upgrades, or technical issues. Agents can use the reboot feature to initiate a restart of the customer's computer and have it automatically reconnect to the same support session.
  • Working with Session Recording
    RescueAssist can optionally make a recording of all on-screen activity during a RescueAssist session. Recordings are stored in the cloud for 90 days.
  • Sending Files
    The Agent and the customer can send each other files during any active session.
  • Restarting the RescueAssist by LogMeIn application as a System Service
    Use the ADMIN MODE button to restart the app on the customer's machine as a Windows System Service or a Mac daemon.