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Why do I See the 'WebClient service is not allowing LogMeIn Files to connect' Error Message?

    By default LogMeIn Files feature is not running on Windows Server operating systems, if the WebClient component is not installed.

    To install the component, follow the steps below:

    Installing the WebClient on a Windows Server 2008 or 2012

    1. Start Server Manager > Manage > Add Roles and Features
    2. In the Installation Type menu select the Role based or Feature based installation option.
    3. In the Server Selection menu select the server to install the feature on.
    4. You can skip the Server Roles menu by clicking Next.
    5. In the Features menu expand the User Interfaces and Infrastructure. Check the Desktop Experience component of the feature as the WebClient is bundled with this component.
      Note: According to Microsoft it is only possible to install the WebClient by enabling the entire Desktop experience and WebClient is not available on it’s own. Read more here.
    6. Click Add Features when you are prompted to also install the pre-requisite Ink and Handwriting Services.
      Note: This change usually requires a server restart, so check the option to have the server automatically restarted if required.
    7. Click Install.
      Note: Your server should restart and the feature installation will complete once the server comes back up.
    8. Check the Windows Services and ensure the WebClient is present and running.

    Installing the WebClient on a Windows Server 2016 or 2019

    1. Start by installing the WebDav-Redirector feature. Install-WindowsFeature WebDAV-Redirector –Restart
    2. You have to set the startup type to Automatic with a PowerShell command in order to run the client:

      Set-Service WebClient -StartupType Automatic

      Set-Service MRxDAV -StartupType Automatic

      Note: A reboot is needed as the package consists of a service and a driver which only get installed upon a reboot.
    3. You can start the service by using PowerShell commands like:

      Start-Service WebClient

      Start-Service MRxDAV

    Article last updated: 21 November, 2022