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What are the features of Pro?

Here are the most important features of Pro.

  • Remote Printing - Allows you to print documents from your host computer to the client computer (the computer at which you are sitting).
  • File Manager - Allows you to transfer files back and forth between the two computers. For example, you can synchronize files and folders on both computers in seconds.
  • Remote Sound - Sounds played on the host computer can be heard at the client computer.
  • Desktop Sharing - Allows you to invite a guest to work with you on your computer (for example, for an ad hoc meeting).
  • File Sharing - Allows you to share files and photos with others that are too large for email, even if they do not have Pro.
  • Drive Mapping - Allows you to link your local drives to your host computer.
  • LastPass - Allows you to securely generate and manage passwords on the cloud.
  • Files for LogMeIn - Allows you to store files on the cloud and share them with others.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022