How to Work with Multiple Host Monitors

When connected to a host with multiple monitors, the Monitors button will be available on the remote control toolbar.

Click the Monitors button to switch between monitors.

The Monitors button is also available under Options on the Remote Control toolbar.

Tip: On a Windows PC, try this shortcut. Press Left CTRL key-Left Windows key-Right/Left Arrow key to switch monitors. To see all monitors at once, keep moving through until you can see all available monitors on the client display.

Note: The Java and HTML remote control clients do not offer multiple monitor support.

Multi-Monitor Display

Important: Multi-Monitor Display is not available for LogMeIn Pro Basic accounts.

When both the client and host have multiple monitors, host-side monitors can be cloned "one-to-one" to the client. Screens are automatically cloned upon connection.

When using the LogMeIn Client to connect, this "one-to-one cloning" happens automatically upon connection. You can also click the Monitors icon to switch between host-side monitors.

This illustration shows how the host-side monitors are reproduced "one-to-one" on the client computer.

Click the Monitors button to switch between cloned monitors.