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App Touch Controls for Phone/Tablet: Click, Scroll, and Drag

Various gestures and swipes allow you to reproduce a range of mouse-click actions.

  • A single tap acts as a single mouse click.
  • To switch the behavior of a single click between left click and right click, tap the Mouse button.

    Result: Mouse icon with right click

  • A double tap acts as a double click.
  • A double tap and hold allows you to grab and then drag.
  • A two-finger tap acts as a right click.
  • A two-finger drag reproduces the mouse wheel scrolling action.
  • On devices supporting three-finger swipe, a horizontal three-finger swipe switches between host monitors and a vertical three-finger swipe opens the keyboard.
What to do next:
Tip: On an iPad you can tap the on-screen mouse buttons for right-click and left-click.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022