LogMeIn Rescue Command Center

Command Center alerts give you visual notification if the performance of the selected unit is out of the specified range. Configure the values that trigger alerts.

There are two kinds of alerts: Warning (yellow) and Alert (red). When triggered, these alerts make the background of the corresponding Table panel cell yellow (for Warnings) or red (for Alerts).


Configuring alerts is optional. However, when you configure both an Alert value and a Warning value for a cell, the following applies:

  • For Wait Time Max, Handling Time Max, and Handling Time Avg, the Alert value must be higher than the Warning value. This is because lower Wait and Handling time values are more desirable, and an Alert is stronger than a Warning.
  1. In the Command Center, click the gear icon in the upper right corner. The Settings page is displayed.
  2. Set alert levels for any of the following fields:
    • Wait Time Max
    • Handling Time Max
    • Handling Time Avg