We're here to help 24/7 at 800-820-8210 and help@grasshopper.com

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What is my master pin and where can I change it?

Your master pin can be found by going to Settings, then clicking Your Account.

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How do I cancel my Grasshopper account?

You can cancel your account by emailing help@grasshopper.com or by calling us at 800-820-8210. You’ll need your master pin to cancel the account so make sure to have that handy.

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How do I block a number from calling me?

Send the number(s) or area code you’d like us to block to help@grasshopper.com or call us at 800-820-8210.

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How do I start the number transfer process?

To start the number transfer process, you'll need to fill out our transfer form.

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How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password any time on our forgot password page.

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Can I receive faxes through Grasshopper?

You sure can! Your Grasshopper number can double as a fax line, so you can receive faxes without an actual fax machine.

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