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Why am I experiencing connection problems from my client computer?

Your client computer is the computer you use to access and connect to your host computer. You do not need to have the GoToMyPC software installed on your client computer to connect and start a GoToMyPC session. If you are having trouble connecting to or maintaining a connection to your client computer, review the troubleshooting tips below.

Establish a Successful Connection

Typically, when you see a "Waiting for the client computer to connect" error message for a significant amount of time or you hit an "A connection could not be established" error message, there is an issue with your client computer. Try some of these solutions below.

Make sure that a firewall or other type of security software is not blocking GoToMyPC
Firewalls and other types of security software may prevent GoToMyPC from connecting successfully. Make sure that the GoToMyPC program "g2viewer.exe" is allowed full outbound access to the internet. Refer to the Firewall Section for instructions on how to configure your security software to work with GoToMyPC.
Make sure your computer meets our minimum internet connection requirements
We recommend DSL or better internet connections. You may have difficulty connecting to computers if you are using satellite, dial-up, or other non-broadband connections.
Reset connection settings
GoToMyPC stores connection settings on your client computer for future use. If it is not connecting successfully, reset your settings.
Make sure you are running a supported operating system
Supported system requirements are listed out here.
Use an alternate device
Try connecting to your host computer from a different client computer or tablet.
Article last updated: 17 October, 2022