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What you have to know about the GoToMyPC Client App

The Client App is a Windows desktop app that lists all the computers added to the user’s account, and lets them connect to their remote computer more seamlessly and faster.

What are the primary user benefits for the Client App?

  • The time to connect is lightning fast
  • The user experience is much smoother, as users need less interaction to achieve their goals
  • Uncompromised security in the unlikely event of timeouts. As opposed to sessions on the website, the Client App does not time out, but gets locked after 15 minutes if left idle, just like a mobile phone. To unlock, users need to enter a 4-6 digit PIN code. To put it simple, in case of a timeout, only 4 keystrokes are needed to reconnect.

When is the Client App released?

The Client App is available for Beta users from 12 August. Rollout to non-beta users will start in September 2021.

What do I get in the Beta version?

  • Capability to list computers assigned to your account and connect to them
  • Text/SMS based login support
  • PIN-protection to unlock the Client App after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Is it safe to keep my sessions active?

GoToMyPC Client App is the first app in our portfolio to introduce the PIN-concept that adds an additional layer of security to supporting really long sessions. However, we strongly advise not to install the Client App on public computers, like in libraries of cafés to avoid unwanted security breaches. Remember to log out whenever you plan to leave your computer unattended for a long time.

Article last updated: 27 March, 2023