What security settings are available?

The Security preferences enable you to configure additional security settings.

Security Features

  • Lock host computer upon disconnection: Automatically locks the host computer when you end your GoToMyPC connection.
  • Mac users can now choose the option to lock their host computers at the end of their GoToMyPC session. A new Security tab has been added to the GoToMyPC Preferences window and the user can select the Lock host computer upon disconnection checkbox to lock their host computer. The Lock host computer upon disconnection option will be selected and grayed out for corporate users who have the feature enforced by their account managers.

  • Blank out screen while connected: Turns the entire screen of the unattended host PC green while you are remotely connected.

Note: Hardware limitations with your video card may prevent screen blanking on multiple monitors.

  • Lock host keyboard and mouse: Prevents others from using your host mouse or keyboard while you are remotely connected.
  • Viewer Security Time-Out: Enables you to set the amount of time in minutes before the Viewer window times out if no mouse or keyboard activity is detected. You may set up to 30 minutes.

Note: To maximize your security, we recommend that you enable all security settings.

Setting preferences for Mac computers is not available at this time.

If no mouse or keyboard activity is detected on your Mac for 30 minutes the Inactivity Time-Out feature will automatically disconnect your session. GoToMyPC Corporate can set the inactivity time-out for longer than 30 minutes.