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What if I have some questions during a session?

Review a list of frequently asked questions about a GoToMyPC session.

I get horizontal lines on my screen when I access the host computer. How do I get rid of them?

You may see lines if your host computer has "Sleep Mode" scheduled, a screensaver set or a DOS program open. Click in the center of the Viewer multiple times or access the Tools menu and then select Send Ctrl-Alt-Del to wake up the computer.

Why do I see a blinking cursor on the host computer?

GoToMyPC is unable to blank the cursor with certain video cards. Try turning off the monitor on the host computer.

How can I transfer more than one file at a time?

You can select more than one file at a time by holding down the <Ctrl> key while selecting files with the mouse.

The resolution is very bad. I can barely make out the icons on my desktop or read my email text. What can I do to clear this up?

When you connect to a host computer with a resolution set higher than the client's, GoToMyPC automatically condenses the host desktop image in the viewer. You can resize the image of the host computer's desktop from the View menu. You can also try modifying the host computer's screen resolution in the Screen Properties control panel.

I am getting a bluish screen or purple boxes on my screen when I connect. What can I do?

Right-click the host PC's desktop and select Properties. Click the Settings tab, change the color to 16-bit and then click Apply.

I cannot connect from my client computer. What can I do?

Be sure that Java is enabled in your browser and that your firewall is configured to accept GoToMyPC and then, reboot your computer. See How do I use GoToMyPC with a client computer Firewall?

I am using a Windows PC and would like to switch users while connected to my host PC. Will I be disconnected or lose any information?

Windows Fast User Switching allows you to connect to your host computer regardless of which user (if any) is active at that time. Once connected to your host PC, you can switch users at any time; however, any queued or active file transfers and remote printing jobs in progress are terminated when a user switch is performed. We recommend that you avoid logging off your PC from the Task Manager Users tab when using Fast User Switching, since this may shut down GoToMyPC.

Article last updated: 17 October, 2022