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What are the Launcher and Web Deployment Plugin?

You can learn from this article how to update to GoTo Opener from the legacy Launcher and Web deployment plugin.

GoToMyPC uses a "helper" application, called GoTo Opener to launch you into active sessions. Previously you needed two apps to start a session: GoToMyPC Launcher and the Web Deployment plug-in.

GoToMyPC Launcher and GoTo Opener Launcher
The GoToOpener app replaces the legacy versions of the "helper" application labeled as GoTo Opener Launcher or GoToMyPC Launcher. If you see the legacy versions of GoToOpener on your computer, that means that you've previously joined or started a remote connection using the GoToMyPC desktop app.

Web Deployment Plugin
The Web Deployment Plugin was installed when you first connected remotely using the GoToMyPC desktop app and used the legacy "helper" application. GoTo Opener no longer requires the use of the Web Deployment Plugin.
Important: When you start or join your next connection, the "helper" app automatically updates to the GoTo Opener app and will uninstall the Web Deployment plugin.
Update to the GoTo Opener now (recommended)
Normally, this application is installed or updated automatically when you join or start sessions using your GoTo products. However, you can easily update to the GoTo Opener by downloading it.

Uninstall the Launcher app

You can easily uninstall the Launcher app manually if you prefer. The uninstallation process varies depending on the operating system you are using. See the user manual of your operating system for more information.

On Windows
  1. Open Apps & Features.
  2. Right-click GoTo Opener Launcher.
  3. Select Uninstall, then click Yes when prompted.
On Mac
  1. Open Finder.
  2. Go to Macintosh HD > Users > Admin > Applications > Utilities > CitrixOnline.
  3. Right-click the GoTo Opener file and select Move to Trash, or drag the file to the Trash icon in the dock.
  4. Right-click the Trash icon in the menu bar, and select Empty Trash.

Uninstall the Web Deployment Plugin

Although the next time the "helper" application updates itself, the Web Deployment plug-in is automatically removed, you can manually remove it if you prefer.

Windows and Mac (Mozilla Firefox)
  1. Open a Firefox browser.
  2. Select the Firefox menu on Windows and Tools menu on Mac, and click Add-ons.
  3. In the Add-ons Manager, find the Web Deployment Plugin, and click Disable.
Windows and Mac (Google Chrome)
  1. Open a Google Chrome browser and type in chrome://plugins into the address bar.
  2. Find the Web Deployment Plugin, and click Disable.
Mac (Safari)
  1. Open Finder and select Command + Shift + G. This will launch the "Go to the folder" pop-up.
  2. Type in ~Library/Internet Plug-Ins and click Go.
  3. Select the Web Deployment Plugin and either drag it to the Trash icon in your dock, or right-click and select Move to Trash.
Article last updated: 17 March, 2023