Is there an outage?

    If you're experiencing issues with using one of our product services, check the service status page. You can also subscribe to service status updates via email or SMS notifications.

    If you're experiencing issues related to our recent maintenance, please view the troubleshooting steps based on your issue. For more information and relevant discussions, view our post in the GoToMyPC Community.

    My host computer is offline or unavailable

    1. Reboot your host computer.
      Note: If you are not physically by your host computer, you will need to find someone who can reboot it for you.
    2. On your client computer, check if the host computer you're trying to access is back online.
      Troubleshooting: It the host computer is still offline, please reinstall GoToMyPC on your client computer.
    3. Check your computer's status again and try connecting.

    My host computer is available but the connection is failing

    1. Log in to your account at
    2. On the My Computers page, find your host computer and select More icon > Restart Computer.
    3. Wait a few minutes for the computer to restart.
    4. Try connecting again.