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Is there a GoToMyPC dictionary?

This article explains the key concepts and terms used in GoToMyPC.

Review a helpful list of GoToMyPC terms.

Access Code
Your access code is a unique password that you determine when you set up each host Mac or PC. You will use the access code every time you remotely log in to a host computer.
Account Password
Your account password is what you use to log in to the GoToMyPC website.
Client Computer
The client computer is the computer that you will use to access the host Mac or PC. It can be any Internet-connected computer with a Windows or Java-enabled browser, located anywhere in the world (airport kiosk, Internet cafe, hotel, library, etc.). The client is sometimes called the local computer.
Computer Nickname
The computer nickname is the name you assign to a host during installation of GoToMyPC software. Using nicknames helps you identify your computers if you set up more than one for remote access. It can be any name you choose.
The host is the Mac or PC you will want to access from a remote location. You will install the GoToMyPC software on the host Mac or PC. The host computer is a unique and specific computer. The host is sometimes called the remote computer.
Host Image
The host image is the picture of the host Mac or PC desktop that appears in the Viewer window.
One-Time Passwords
One-Time Passwords offer an additional level of security for users. This feature will help defeat keyboard-sniffer or keystroke-logger software.
RADIUS is a two-factor authentication method based on something you know (a password or PIN) and something you have (an authenticator), providing a more robust level of user authentication. RADIUS is available on GoToMyPC Corporate.
A session refers to the time when you are remotely connected to your host computer.
System Tray Icon
The system tray is located at right end of your taskbar on Windows PCs. The system tray icon represents the status of the GoToMyPC service on PCs and is used to access GoToMyPC preference and setting options. To access system preferences, right-click the system tray icon and select Preferences.
The Viewer is the window displayed on your client computer in which the host's desktop will appear. The Viewer window has its own title and menu bar.
Note: The system tray icon may be hidden. In order to access it, click the arrow to the left of the system tray. The arrow points left in Windows Vista and earlier (pictured) and up in Windows 7.

Status state representations on a Windows PC

Icon Status
GoToMyPC host PC is running and ready for use
GoToMyPC host PC requires authorization before use may begin
GoToMyPC host PC is running but connection is interrupted
GoToMyPC host PC is being accessed in a session
GoToMyPC host PC has screen-blanking enabled while in a session
Article last updated: 14 March, 2023