The GoToMyPC Removal Tool will remove all GoToMyPC applications and preference files from the system.

  1. Download the tool here
  2. Extract the .zip file
  3. Run GoToMyPC Removal Tool
    • Tip: Some users have a setting enabled to not allow applications from unsigned developers. You can right click on the tool and select Open and you should get a prompt to open anyway.
    • If this does not work, then click the Apple menu, go to System Preferences, System and Security, General, (click the lock in the bottom left if settings are greyed out), and change theAllow apps downloaded from to Anywhere. Please change this setting back to where it was before disconnecting with the user.
  4. Empty the trash to permanently remove any GoToMyPC Viewer files.
  5. Reboot the computer if you selected to remove GoToMyPC Host software before trying to install again.