How do I Use Shared Access Features?

    If you are on a GoToMyPC Corporate plan, your internal admin may have given shared access rights to other users. This will typically be those who manage your computer (e.g., your company's IT specialist may use GoToMyPC to remotely maintain your computer).

    What is Shared PC access?

    On corporate accounts shared PC access is a feature in G2P through which a single PC can be shared between multiple users.

    Note: Only managers can grant shared access to users of a PC in the company domain. Users cannot grant shared access.

    Shared Access feature has to be enabled from G2P Internal Admin in order to display it on the Corp Manager's account. Reach out to customer support if you don't find the feature available in your account.

    Sharing access with one or more PCs at a time:

    1. Login to with the company manager account.
    2. Click Manage PCs.
    3. Click the nickname of the PC for which shared access has to be enabled.
    4. Select Shared Access from the PC administration page. The resulting page is split into two sections. The first section lists all the available users. The second section lists the users who have access to this PC. Initially, only the owner is listed in the second section.
    5. From the first section select all the users for whom access has to be granted to this PC and click Grant. All the selected users are now given access to the PC and are listed in the second section.
    6. To revoke access for a particular user, select that user from the second section, and click Revoke.
    7. When these users log in to their account, they will see the computer listed on their My Computers page and will be able to connect to it as if it was their own machine.