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How do I use Remote Sound?

The Remote Sound feature allows users to enjoy one-way sound from their host computers to their client devices like your client computer or mobile devices. Adjustments to your in-session sound settings can be made directly from the Viewer window or in your GoToMyPC preferences.

This feature is not available for Mac computers. To modify your sound preferences:

  1. Click the Sound button in the upper right-hand corner of the Viewer window.
  2. Select Sound Settings from the menu.
  3. From the Sound tab, modify your sound settings as desired and click OK.
What to do next:

Sound Preferences

When My Session Starts:
  • Turn Off Sound: Select this option to optimize performance.
  • Use Low Quality Sound: Enables lower quality sound for better performance.
  • Use High Quality Sound: Select this option if you intend to listen to music.
Sound Options:
  • GoToMyPC will transmit sound from: Select your preferred audio source or let GoToMyPC detect the source automatically.
  • Automatically disable sound if my Internet connection is slow: This option automatically disables the Sound feature if a slow network connection is detected. If the network performance improves, you will need to manually enable the Sound feature.
  • Mute speakers while in-session: Leave this option checked for in-session privacy.

Please see Troubleshooting Sound Issues for more information on the Remote Sound feature.

Note: If you are listening to music from your host PC, be sure to stop the music before disconnecting your session. After disconnection, the music will no longer be muted and could be heard by anyone close to your host PC.
Article last updated: 17 October, 2022