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How do I remotely lock my Windows host computer?

When you're ready to disconnect from your host computer, we recommend that you lock your computer to help protect your data. You can set your security preference to automatically lock upon disconnecting or manually lock your computer every time.

  1. There are a couple ways to lock your host computer.
    • On your host computer, click the Windows Start button and Log Off.
    • In the GoToMyPC Viewer toolbar, click the Send Ctrl-Alt-Del icon or click Tools in the toolbar and then Send Ctrl-Alt-Del.
  2. Click Lock Computer. Your host computer is locked!
  3. If the Send Ctrl-Alt-Del feature is not working, the Secure Attention Sequence (SAS) may be disabled. See Why can't I send Ctrl+Alt+Del to my host computer? for more information.

Lock Windows XP Home or XP Professional with Fast User Switching

  1. On your host computer, click the Windows start button and Log Off.
  2. Click Switch User.
  3. Your host computer is now locked!
Article last updated: 27 March, 2023