How do I remotely install GoToMyPC on multiple computers?

IT-admins can remotely install and configure GoToMyPC on a large number of computers in their organization and grant remote access to employees even without being physically present.

  1. Download the GoToMyPC deployment package.
  2. Enter the expiry of the deployment package in the box next to the 'hours'.
  3. Click Download.

    Note: You will receive an email with your GoToMyPC End-user Account details if none exists in our records.

  4. Remotely install GoToMyPC on all the required computers.

    Note: You can use a software management product such as SCCM. Use the following command line parameters: GoSetup.exe -s -a -s

  5. Create a GoToMyPC account for all users whom you want to provide remote access. Find the step-by-step instructions here on how to create a user.
  6. Enter the details about which machines you want to allocate to which employee in the dedicated textbox.
  7. Add the user's e-mail IDs followed by the PC Nickname. Use space as a separator.
  8. Add each mapping in a new line, if you need multiple entries.
  9. To fetch the list of all PC Nicknames, click the Download list of PC button on the Manage PCs page.

    Note: PC Nicknames are case-sensitive. For example, "machine" and "Machine" would be treated as two different words. Make sure there are no unwanted spaces.

  10. Click Continue.

    • Users will be asked to set up an access code during their first remote session.
    • Users MUST initiate their first remote session from a Mac/Windows app and not from an iOS/Android app
    • This feature is supported from G2P 11.0 build onwards.
    • The remote deployment feature works only with Windows hosts (not applicable for Mac hosts).
    • Post remote deployment, a build can only be downgraded if the user had created an access code during their first remote session.