How do I get started with GoToMyPC Beta?

    Thank you for participating in the GoToMyPC Beta! This article will introduce you to the GoToMyPC Beta and its features. You can provide feedback through the online feedback form displayed at the end of your session.

    Useful GoToMyPC Term

    Useful GoToMyPC Terms

    • Access Code - Your access code is the unique password that you set up for each host computer. You will use the access code every time you log in to a host computer (Windows or Mac) remotely.
    • Account Password - The account password is used to log in to the GoToMyPC Web site.
    • Client Computer - The client computer is the computer (Windows or Mac) used to access the host. It can be any Internet-connected computer with a web browser located anywhere in the world (airport kiosk, Internet cafe, hotel, library, etc.).
    • Computer Nickname - The computer nickname is the name assigned to a host computer (Windows or Mac) while downloading the GoToMyPC software. Nicknames help identify different computers set up for remote access.
    • Host - The host is the specific computer (Windows or Mac) you want to access from a remote location. You will install the GoToMyPC software on the host Windows or Mac computer.Viewer - The Viewer is the window displayed on your client computer in which the host's desktop will appear. The Viewer window has its own title and menu bar.

    Installing GoToMyPC

    GoToMyPC installation is only required for the Windows or Mac computer you want to access remotely.

    Installing GoToMyPC (Windows or Mac)
    1. Go to the host that you wish to access remotely and log in to your account at just as you normally would.
    2. On the Installation page, click Install GoToMyPC.
    3. If prompted, click Trust, Yes, Allow or Grant from the Publisher Authenticity screen to begin downloading the GoToMyPC software.
    4. Click Continue or Next at the installer's Welcome screen.
    5. If prompted, select an install location and then click Install from the Standard Install screen.
      Note: If you are installing GoToMyPC on a Mac you will be prompted to enter your Mac login password. This is the password you normally use to install new Mac software and is not a GoToMyPC password.
    6. Click Finish to complete the installation of your GoToMyPC software.
    7. Enter your email address and account password (these are the same that you use to log in to the GoToMyPC Web site) and click OK.
    8. If needed, select the account to which this computer should belong and click Continue.
    9. Create a computer Nickname for the host.
    10. Create and confirm an Access Code that is different from your account password, and then click Continue or OK.
    11. Once GoToMyPC has been successfully installed, you will see the GoToMyPC icon on your desktop. On Windows computers the icon appears in your system tray, while on Mac computers appears at the top of your screen in the Mac menu bar.

    Access Your Host Mac or PC

    Once GoToMyPC is set up and running on your host computer, you can access it immediately from almost any other Mac, Windows computer or Windows Mobile handheld that is connected to the Internet.

    To remotely access your host, it must be turned on and connected to the Internet. By default, GoToMyPC will disable the sleep feature on your host to ensure that you can always connect to it. You'll need to be at a client computer (any computer other than the Windows or Mac computer you just set up), and you"ll need to have your email address, password and access code.

    To remotely access your host
    1. In your web browser, type
    2. Enter your email address and account password and click Log In.
    3. If prompted, choose the account you want to access and click Go (this only applies if you have multiple accounts associated with one email address). This will load your Computers page.
    4. Click the Connect button to the right of the nickname of the host to which you want to connect.
      Note: If you frequently access the same host Mac or PC from the same client computer (e.g. access a home Mac from a work PC) then you may want to create a Desktop Shortcut to skip these initial login steps and go directly to the Access Code prompt.
    5. If prompted, click Yes, Always or Trust to download the GoToMyPC Viewer.
    6. When prompted, enter the access code for the host and click OK.
    7. The host image will appear in the Viewer window.

      You are now connected and ready to start accessing all your files, applications and email as if you were sitting at your remote computer!

      Note: If your host Mac or PC's status is offline, then you will not be able to access that computer. To remotely access your host, you need to leave the Mac or PC on and connected to the Internet with GoToMyPC running.