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How do I cut, copy, and paste?

You can learn from this article how to use the clipboard to cut, copy and paste text between a host computer and a client computer in GoToMyPC.

You can cut, copy, and paste text between your host computer and client computer. This feature has a text-only maximum capacity of 32-Kb of data. To move larger files, whether text or graphics, use the File Transfer feature.

Cut, copy, and paste between computers

  1. On either computer, highlight and then cut/copy the desired text.
  2. On the other computer, place your cursor where you want the new text to appear, and Paste. The new text appears where you indicate.
  3. If the new text does not appear, the size of the material which was cut/copied may be too large for the Cut/Copy and Paste feature to handle. Try a drag and drop transfer (clicking on a file and dragging it between PCs) or the File Transfer feature to move the material to the destination computer, and, if necessary, edit the data in its new location. This is particularly useful when working with large graphic files.
Important: In order to use the cut, copy and paste features in GoToMyPC, you need to enable it in the host Preferences window. To do so, open Preferences, select the Viewer tab, then select the Copy/paste between computers option.

Copy command keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for the copy command are supported on both the host and client computers while in session. However, there are some differences between the Mac and PC keyboards depending on the host.

Keyboard Shortcuts for the Copy Command
  Mac Host PC Host
Mac Client Command - c Control - c
PC Client Windows Key - c Ctrl - c
Article last updated: 5 July, 2023