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How do I change the performance preferences?

The Performance preferences enable you to adjust the speed, color quality and display settings to get the performance level that best suits your needs. Your preferences may be affected by the type of operating system you are running and the type of rights your user account allows.

Grayed-out options are not available for selection with your operating system or for the rights assigned to your computer profile.
Note: Setting preferences for Mac computers is not available at this time

Choose color quality

  • True Color: Displays the desktop in 24-bit color for better appearance.
  • 256 Colors: Displays the desktop in 8-bit color for better speed.

Choose performance

  • Better Speed: Move the slider to the left to disable settings that hinder performance. The disabled settings will be displayed in the bottom pane.
  • Better Appearance: Move the slider to the right to enable settings that improve appearance.

View performance history

Click the Performance History link to review current and historical session performance and improvement tips.

Article last updated: 24 March, 2023