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How to Manage Saved Login Details

Protect your login information by clearing saved credentials (user names and passwords) from your device on the Settings page in the app.

Example: Deleting Login Information

You are running the host software on your work computer. When you normally log in to your work computer, you must authenticate to Windows using your Windows user name and password. To save time when you connect via the app, you select the Remember login option.

The Problem. Your network administrator forces you to change your Windows password every 30 days. The password remembered by the app will no longer be valid once you have changed the password you use to access your work computer.

The Solution. Go to the Settings page in the app and delete all logins (clear user name and password) to clear your old Windows credentials from the app. The next time you access your work computer from your phone or tablet, you will need to manually enter your user name and password.

Article last updated: 27 September, 2022