How to Connect using the LogMeIn Client Desktop App

Connect to LogMeIn host computers in your LogMeIn account from your PC or Mac directly using the LogMeIn Client desktop app.

Connect to any computer that meets these conditions:

  • LogMeIn host software must be installed and running on the host
  • The host must be turned on
  • The host must be connected to the Internet
  • The host must not be in Sleep mode or Hibernation mode
    Tip: Wake on LAN is only available from
  • The host must not already be controlled by another LogMeIn user
    Note: Multiple users can connect to a host simultaneously; however, only a single remote user can control it. For example, one user can control a computer while another uses File Manager or Management Tools.

  1. Launch the LogMeIn Client desktop app:
    • Option 1. Click the LogMeIn system tray (or menu bar) icon and select Connect to computers.
    • Option 2. Using the Start menu or Finder, start the LogMeIn Client.

    Can't find the LogMeIn Client desktop app? Download it from the desktop app page.

  2. Log in to your account using your LogMeIn Central ID (email address) and password.

    Result: The computer list is displayed.

  3. Click the computer you want to access and select an action.
    Option Description
    Remote Control Access and control remote computers
    File Manager Transfer files between computers and more
    Command Prompt Access remote computers in the background
    Main Menu Manage remote computers
    Info View computer details

    Tip: To connect to a specific computer automatically when the LogMeIn Client starts, select the computer and the default action under View > Options > General > Connect to....

    Result: LogMeIn will attempt to make a connection to the host. You will be prompted to authenticate to the host.

    Tip: You can set LogMeIn to securely save your host username and password to the client computer from which you are connecting. This will allow you to automatically authenticate when you next connect from the same computer. See How to Set Up Automatic Authentication.

  4. Log in to the computer using the appropriate authentication method:
    • If prompted, enter the username and password you would enter if you were sitting in front of the host computer.
    • If prompted, enter the Computer Access Code you created when you installed LogMeIn Central to the host computer.

    Remember: Do not enter your LogMeIn Central ID and password. This will result in Error 1326 or Error 5 (incorrect user name and password).

    Result: Your session begins upon successful authentication.