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How to Approve or Reject Join Requests

If you receive a request from another client to join your network, you can approve or reject that request. A request is automatically rejected if you do not approve it in two weeks.

  1. On the web site, go to the Networks > My Networks page.

    Result: Your Hamachi networks and clients are listed.

  2. You will see the following message when you have requests from clients waiting to join your account or networks: You have x pending join requests. Click the pending join request link.

    Result: The Join Requests page is displayed.

  3. Choose Accept or Reject, as appropriate.
  4. Click Save.
Note: You may not be able to accept new members if your Hamachi subscription expires or if you reach the member limit of your network. See also Network Types ?>.
What to do next:
Tip: Are you on Linux? You can approve or reject requests from the command line with the following commands:
sudo hamachi approve <network ID> <client ID>
sudo hamachi reject <network ID> <client ID>
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022