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Deploy Preferences for Remote Control (Host Preferences)

Deploy settings to control various aspects of the remote control experience.

Before you begin:

Host Preference Packages can only be applied to Windows hosts.

Who can use this feature? The Host Preference Packages feature is available to any Account Holder of a LogMeIn Central Base account. For those Account Holders who have not switched over to a Base plan yet, a LogMeIn CentralPremier or Plus subscription is required. Users of such accounts also need the Configuration Management permission.

Host Preference Packages allow you to define and deploy preferences and security settings to Windows hosts in your LogMeIn Central account.
  1. Create a Host Preference Package, as follows:
    1. In LogMeIn Central, go to the Configuration > Host Preferences page.
    2. Click Add Package.

      Result: The New Host Preference Package page is displayed.

    3. Name your new Host Preference Package.
    4. Click Save.
  2. Under Category, select Remote Control.
  3. Under General Settings you have the following options:
    Option Description
    Enable Desktop Sharing Allow the host-side user to invite others to access the host via the Desktop Sharing feature.
    Use display accelerator The display accelerator makes remote control sessions faster and less CPU-intensive. Clear this option to help resolve problems experienced while viewing video or while using DOS-based or graphic-intense applications during remote control (such as display black-out or host computer restart when trying to start remote control).
    Disable wallpaper and user interface effects on host computer Disable the host's desktop wallpaper and all user interface effects during remote control. User interface effects include transition effects (fade, scroll), shadows under menus, and trailing effects while dragging windows.
    Automatic clipboard transfer maximum size Enter the maximum number of kilobytes of data that can be transferred between host and client using clipboard synchronization.
    Remember: Sync Clipboard must be activated on the remote control toolbar to copy and paste between host and client during remote control.
    Control-Alt-Del hotkey combination Choose the keyboard shortcut to be used for sending the Ctrl-Alt-Del command to the host during remote control
    Default color quality

    Remote Control sessions will start in the selected color quality mode. HD requires the highest network bandwidth. If you are unsure of available bandwidth, select Auto. To allow the host user to set color quality himself, select Host-user defined.

  4. Continue to add settings to the Host Preference Package. When ready, click Finish and Save.
  5. Assign the Host Preference Package to computers or groups, as follows:
    1. In LogMeIn Central, go to the Configuration > Host Preferences page.
    2. Click Edit or Click here to assign next to the Host Preference Package you want to assign.
    3. Choose computers and groups using the left and right arrows.
    4. Click Save.
Article last updated: 27 September, 2022