Explore the GoToMeeting Control Panel

  • Mute and unmute yourself using the Audio button at the top of the Control Panel or Grab tab. Learn more.
  • Change your audio mode, check your mic and and speaker levels or view the dial-in phone numbers by expanding the Audio pane. Learn more.
  • Instantly start, pause or stop sharing your webcam using the Webcam button.
  • To preview your webcam feed or access more settings, expand the Webcam pane in the Control Panel. Learn more.
If the meeting organizer grants you presenter permissions, then you can share you screen or even a specific application with the other attendees in the meeting.
  • Use the Screen button to quickly start and stop sharing the screen of your main monitor with other attendees.
  • To share something different, give others keyboard/mouse control, or change presenters, expand the Share pane in the Control Panel. Learn more.

Note: You will not see the presenter controls in your Screen pane unless you are made the presenter by an organizer or the current presenter.

  • Use the Chat pane to exchange private or public messages with other attendees. You can select your recipients using the "To" drop-down menu. Learn more.
  • You'll see message notifications appear in the Grab Tab if your Control Panel is minimized.
  • Save space on your screen by collapsing the Control Panel into the Grab Tab using the Arrow icons. Learn more.
  • Retain easy access to the Audio, Screen and Webcam buttons directly from the Grab Tab, and even expand the Chat or Attendees panes by clicking the icons.