Restarting the RescueAssist by LogMeIn application as a System Service

Use the ADMIN MODE button to restart the app on the customer's machine as a Windows System Service or a Mac daemon.

You need to be in admin mode to perform the following actions:

  • Set up unattended access for a new device
  • Change system settings. For example, firewall or User Account Control settings
  • Install or uninstall programs in system-level directories
  • Install, delete or partition drives
  • Add or delete users
  • Add new computers to Windows domain
  • Force quit system programs
    Tip: If on Windows, you can send the customer's device a Ctrl-Alt-Del command. See Open the Task Manager on a Customer's Device (Windows only).
  1. During an active Remote Control session, on the session toolbar of the Agent Web Console, click ADMIN MODE.
    Tip: If the ADMIN MODE button is disabled (grayed-out), you are already in admin mode.
Depending on the customer's operating system, the RescueAssist by LogMeIn application restarts either as:
  • Windows - A Windows System Service
  • Mac - A daemon