Managing a SeeIt Camera Share Session

Important: The agent must have an active RescueAssist Mobile add-on license.

What can the Agent Do?

During a SeeIt Camera Share session, the agent can perform the following actions:

End session
Transfer session
You can pass a SeeIt Camera Share session to another active agent within your organization.

For detailed information, see Transferring a session.

Mute/Unmute audio
The agent can mute/unmute the audio connection at any time during the session.

Screen capture
Agents can create screen captures/snapshots during a support session.
Record session
Depending on an account-level setting, RescueAssist can make a recording of all on-screen activity during a SeeIt Camera Share session.

For detailed information, see Working with Session Recording

What can the Customer Do?

During a SeeIt Camera Share session, the customer can perform following actions.

The customer can end the session at any time during the session by tapping Exit.
Pause streaming
The customer can Pause streaming at any time during the session.

When the customer taps Pause, only the camera stream is stopped, the support session stays active in the Agent Web Console.

Mute/Unmute audio
The customer can mute their microphone at any time during a session.
Important: The audio connection is automatically muted in case of an incoming call to the customer's device.