How to enable Screen Sharing (Broadcast) on an iOS Device

The RescueAssist by LogMeIn iOS app provides screen sharing functionality leveraging the iOS Broadcast feature introduced in iOS11. This enables agents to solve issues on the customer’s iOS device outside of the RescueAssist app. When the app is sent to the background, the device screen is still transferred to the RescueAssist Agent Web Console.

Restriction: The customer must have the RescueAssist by LogMeIn for iOS from the App Store installed on a device running iOS11 (or above).

LogMeIn RescueAssist is a tool that agents use to access remote computers and mobile devices.

Important: While this article speaks directly to the customer, RescueAssist agents can use this section to understand the end-user experience during a remote support session. "You" in this document refers to the customer receiving remote support.
  1. Enable screen recording on your device.
    1. Navigate to Settings > Control Center, and tap Customize Controls.
    2. Under Customize Controls, include Screen Recording.

  2. Start broadcast to allow the support agent to view the screen of your device.
    1. Open the Control Center on your device by swiping up from the bottom edge of any screen, and 3D touch/long press the Screen Recording icon.

      Remember: You must apply 3D touch (iPhone 6S and above), or long press (previous devices). A simple, short tap is not enough.
    2. Select RescueAssist by LogMeIn from the list.
    3. Tap Start Broadcast. The support agent can now view the screen of your device.

  3. To stop sharing your device screen, do either:
    • In the Control Center, tap the Screen Recording icon.
    • In the RescueAssist by LogMeIn application, end the support session.
The agent can no longer view the screen of your device.