How to Set up an Authentication Attack Blocker

Use the Authentication Attack blocker to lock out those who try to get past your host logon screen without authorization.

  1. Click Preferences to access the host preferences.
  2. Under Security > IP Address Lockout, set the following Authentication attack filter options:
    Option Description
    Active Select this option to activate the attack blocker.
    Number of invalid attempts allowed Specify the number of invalid authentication attempts to allow before the offending IP address is locked out.
    Reset invalid attempt counter after After the amount of time specified in this box has elapsed, the invalid attempt count of the offending IP address will be reset to zero.
    Lock out for All attempted connections from an offending IP address will be rejected for the amount of time specified in this field.
  3. Click Apply. Your settings are applied immediately to the host.

To allow access from blocked addresses, click Unblock all.