How to Present at Meetings with GoToMeeting

Length: 1:25 By: GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting gives you all the tools you need to help make presenting easy. Sharing your screen in a GoToMeeting session allows you to present your entire screen, a document, a spreadsheet, or anything else you’d like your attendees to view. Just click the “Screen” button to get started. You can choose to share one or more of your monitors or even a single application. You can also whos a clean window desktop to hide icons and the taskbar. You’re also able to blank out the desktop background so that your attendees’ focus remains on the content you are presenting. How to Make Another Attendees the Presenter As an organizer you can make another attendee a presenter at any time. The presenter will then be able to pass control back to the organizer, or can choose someone else to present after them. Attendees who are asked to present will be asked to confirm before their screen is shown. You also have the option to request keyboard and mouse control. Other Tools Presenters can also use the drawing tool to draw directly on the screen so that the marks are visible to all attendees. An organizer can also give attendees the ability to use the drawing tools on their own screens. This allows participants to highlight areas and draw attention to certain parts of the screen to help illustrate their points. For more information on how to present at meetings with GoToMeeting, follow this URL: Get even more information at