How to Join GoToMeeting from a Mac

Length: 1:35 By: GoToMeeting

Attendees can join GoToMeeting from a Mac by navigating to, entering the meeting ID, and clicking join. Attendees may have received an email invitation to a GoToMeeting session. Those attendees will simply click the link provided them in that email. If the organizer has the web app enabled, attendees will join meetings instantly from their browser with no download required. If the attendee will be presenting at the meeting, or would like all controls available, they can easily download the full desktop version of the GoToMeeting software. This is a seamless transition, and attendees will not need to leave the meeting in return. Once in a meeting, the attendee control panel is on the right, and the viewer window (what the organizer is showing) is on the left. This viewer window can be expanded or moved around to your liking. The control panel allows attendees to mute themselves, expand or collapse the control panel, show their webcam if desired, change screen size, and chat with others in the meeting. When the meeting is over or you need to leave the meeting, simply click the red button at the top of the control panel. For more information on how to join GoToMeeting from a Mac, visit the following URL: Get even more information at