Who is the billing contact for my account?

The billing contact (i.e., billing admin) on your account is a member of your organization (not a LogMeIn representative) that has special privileges that allow them to change the account's subscription plan, modify the payment and billing information, and manage other account settings.

Only billing contacts or account admins can see who the billing contact is for an account.

If you think you're the billing contact but aren't sure, you can check by trying to log in to the Billing Center at using your GoToWebinar email/password.

  • If you are redirected to your account's Subscriptions page, then you are the billing contact for your account. Learn more.
  • If you see the error message "You seem to have landed in the wrong place" , then either you are not the billing contact for your account, or that your account is managed in the Corporate Billing Portal instead. Learn more at Corporate Billing Portal FAQs.

Additionally, accounts admins that can log in to the Admin Center at can click Add Licenses in the left menu, and will either be taken to the Billing Center (if they are the billing contact), or a message will be displayed indicating that they are not the billing contact, and will list the name and email address of the account's billing contact.

Add License in Admin Center

If you are still unable to find out who the billing contact is, please contact your own account admin that manages your GoToWebinar account.