Tips for getting started writing solutions

No content, no problem? WRONG. No content, big problem. That's why we start you off with a solid handful of solutions covering "Greatest Hits" of the profession. Once you've reviewed and published the sample solutions, follow these tips to get started writing your own solutions.

Tip 1. Ticket's please!
Create a few solutions and start pushing Prompt ai to your customers. Folks learn that Prompt ai is the easiest way to create a ticket. Once they start asking real questions, you'll collect data about what they want to know and add "missing" content as requests come in. 

Tip 2. Be a miner for an article of gold 
Remember when you sent an email to the Product Owner about how to set up 2FA on her phone? Or when you made that Word file for the folks in Accounting about selecting a printer? Now's the time to comb through your archives and drag out your best work.  If you have existing content you'd like to import, drop us a line and we'll help with the import process.

Tip 3. Focus on the Greatest Hits 
Every IT team has their own list of most annoying top requests. Jot down your own list and focus on items that folks can address themselves.

Tip 4. Money buys you time
We know that working on solutions seems like a luxury. If you need to justify spending more time on solutions, try putting a dollar sign next to the money it saves. Handling routine tasks is expensive: the cost to resolve an issue at Level 1 averages $22 per ticket, rising to $66 and almost $200 as it escalates to Levels 2 and 3, respectively.
Source: “The Secret to Maximizing Service Desk Efficiency and Accessibility,”, Feb 2018.