Set up Prompt ai to send tickets to ManageEngine Service Desk Plus, On-Premises version

Here's how to set up Prompt ai to send tickets to the On-Premises version of ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus.

  1. While logged in at, go to Integrations > Ticketing.
  2. Select ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-Premises.
  3. Under Host, enter the URL of your ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus portal.
  4. Under API KEY, enter the API key of your ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus account.
    Important: To request a token, use this site while logged in to your ManageEngine account:
  5. Enter the User for Tracker Tickets.
    Prompt ai tracks each non-escalated request by creating a ticket with this user as requester and assignee.
  6. Set the size of the Recent Ticket List.
    Display this many recent tickets when an end user sends the "/prompt list" command. Currently only valid when Slack is your messaging service.
  7. Save your changes