Set up a Prompt ai bot for Slack

Here's how to set up a Prompt ai bot for Slack.

Steps in process: 2

Step One: Using the Prompt ai website, add the app to your Slack workspace.

  1. While logged in at, go to Integrations > Messaging.
  2. Select Slack.
  3. Click Add to Slack.
    If not already logged in to Slack, you are prompted to log in your Slack workspace.
  4. When prompted by Slack, Authorize the Prompt ai app.  
    You are redirected back to the Prompt ai website.
  5. On the Prompt ai Slack integration page, complete the required fields.
  6. Save your changes.

Step Two: In the Slack app itself, make the Prompt ai app available.

  1. In Slack, under Apps, click Browse Apps (the plus sign).
  2. On the Browse Apps page, locate the Prompt ai app and click it.
    The Prompt ai app appears listed under Apps in Slack. 

That's it. You and your end users are ready to chat with Prompt ai.

Tip: If end users don't see Prompt ai listed under Apps, remind them to click Browse Apps (the plus sign) to add it themselves.