Set up a Prompt ai bot for Microsoft Teams

Here's how to install the Prompt ai bot on Microsoft Teams.
Steps in process: 3

Step One: Download the bot at

  1. While logged in at, go to Integrations > Messaging.
  2. Select Microsoft Teams.
  3. Click Start setup.
    You are prompted to download the bot.
  4. Download the Prompt Bot install package for Microsoft Teams. 

Step Two: Allow external Microsoft Teams apps - Office 365 Admin Center.

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Settings > Services & add-ins
  3. Select Microsoft Teams
  4. Under Apps > External apps, enable Allow external apps in Microsoft Teams and Allow sideloading of external apps.

Step Three: Add the Prompt ai bot to your Microsoft Teams application:

  1. In Microsoft Teams, on the Teams tab click a [team name],click the three dots menu ... and then Manage team.
  2. On the Apps tab at bottom-right, click Upload a custom app and browse to the zip package on your local machine.

Now you can search for the Prompt bot in Microsoft Teams using the top search bar; your team can start interacting with the bot.