Getting Started: The Prompt ai Paradigm

Welcome to Prompt ai, your virtual IT agent. Prompt ai frees up your time by answering common questions about things like passwords, printers, and VPNs.

Here's an intro to Prompt ai in fewer than 15 bullet points.

Prompt ai needs a way to talk to people... 

  • you'll integrate it with a messaging tool... 
  • ...where your employees can chat with Prompt ai. 
    • Think Slack, Skype for Business, or Microsoft teams.
  • You make integration happen using the website and the messaging tool itself.

Prompt ai needs something to say...

  • you'll fill it with words...
  • ...called Solutions
  • You'll write or import Solutions so Prompt ai has something to say to your end users
    • We even give you a few Solutions to get you started.
  • You add and edit Solutions on the website at

Prompt ai needs a coach – that's you

  • Prompt ai keeps track of how helpful it is. 
  • When Prompt ai isn't being helping, you'll be there to help it.
  • You can see when Solutions aren't resolving Requests
  • You can help Prompt ai by improving and expanding your solutions.
  • You improve solutions on the website.