How To Force All Users to Use Two-Factor Authentication

Force all users accessing your LogMeIn account to follow a two-step process to verify their identity.

Only LogMeIn Pro users with Login policy management permission can edit or enforce a login policy.

The policy is valid when logging in to, LogMeIn apps for iOS and Android, and the LogMeIn Client desktop app.

  1. In LogMeIn Pro, click Users > Login Policy.

    Result: The Login Policy page is displayed.

  2. Under Login process, select Two-factor authentication.

    Result: The You are about to require two-factor authentication confirmation prompt is displayed.

  3. Click Switch on.

    Result: Users must follow a two-step process to verify their identity. They can choose any method currently available for LogMeIn. The policy cannot force them to use a specific method. For details, see Two-Step Verification.

Upon next login, Two-factor authentication is applied to all users in the account.

Tip: As a courtesy to your users, you may want to notify them when you apply policy changes. LogMeIn Pro does not automatically notify users of policy changes. If users need assistance setting up two-step verification, direct them to: How to Setup Two-Factor Authentication for Your Own Account.

Tip: When using LogMeIn Pro Central in a browser, Login Policy does not allow you to save devices. This only applies if the Master Account Holder enables Two-factor authentication under Users > Login Policy.