How to Copy and Paste Between Devices (Clipboard Synchronization)

Remote Control from a PC or Mac

Use Clipboard Synchronization to save time and avoid errors by directly copying and pasting information between devices during remote control.

This feature is not available during a view-only Monitor Host Screen session.

  • On the Remote Control toolbar, select Options > Sync Clipboard.

    Anything copied on either device is available to be pasted to the other.
  • When copying between devices with the same operating system (PC to PC, Mac to Mac), copy and paste as normal.
  • When controlling a PC host from a Mac client:
    Option Description
    Copy from the PC (host) Ctrl + c
    Paste to the Mac (client) cmd + v
    Paste to the PC (host) Ctrl + v
  • When controlling a Mac host from a PC client:
    1. Set your PC-to-Mac keyboard mapping. See How to Set PC-to-Mac Keyboard Mapping.
    2. Follow these guidelines:
    Option Description
    Copy from the Mac (host) [mapped cmd key] + c
    Paste from the Mac (host) to the PC (client) Ctrl + v
    Paste to the Mac (host) [mapped cmd key] + v