Beta Feature: Viewing a host Monitor using HTML5






What is the View Monitor feature?

The View Monitor feature allows you to gain  view-only access to a host computer's screen. 

How do I access the View Monitor feature?

  1. In Central, next to the host you want to view, click the Go to the dashboard icon.
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  2. Log in using host credentials.
  3. Click View Monitor.

How is View Monitor different from the Monitor Host Screen option?

The  View Monitor feature uses HTML5 to monitor the host screen and is less invasive than the  Monitor Host Screen feature. The  View Monitor feature is a proof of concept used to demonstrate HTML5 capabilities.

I don't want my users to use View Monitor. How can I disable it?

View Monitor uses HTML5. You can disable HTML-based remote control using a host preference package. For more information, see Disable HTML-based Remote Control.

Is it possible to see a report on View Monitor sessions?

Yes, View Monitor sessions appear under  Session reports. See  LogMeIn Central Report Types.

We're interested in your feedback. Let us know about your experience at logmein-central- feedback@logmein.com. Your feedback will help define the priorities of further development of the product.



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