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OpenVoice Organizer Quick Start

Get started with OpenVoice audio as an organizer.


GoToMeeting/Webinar/Training Administration Center

Learn to use the collaboration suite administration center


How to Use OpenVoice Integrated Audio

OpenVoice Integrated provides GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoToTraining customers the ability to offer a toll free option for the audio portion of their sessions. It blends seamlessly with the complimentary VoIP and toll-based audio options and makes it easy for your attendees to choose the most convenient way to join the meeting, webinar, or training session. OpenVoice Integrated also makes it simple for hosts to record and manage their collaboration events in-session. This video focuses on using OpenVoice with other Citrix collaboration products. For more information on the benefits of, and for information on how to use OpenVoice Integrated Audio, follow this URL:

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