Create User Groups

You can optionally set up groups for your users, and assign users to these groups when you add users to your account. Users can belong to only one group.

Use groups to update a set of users together. The group members should all share the same product entitlements and product settings. Groups can be defined as a parent group and a child group or subgroup. Any changes to the parent group impacts the subgroups, but changes to a subgroup are isolated to that subgroup. Groups typically reflect your organization using structures such as departments, projects, or teams. However, groups are not rigidly enforced: you can update any setting at any time for any user or set of users, regardless of their assigned group.

You can also create reports for groups of users.

Adding a group or subgroup

1. Log in to the Admin Center at

2. Select Manage Groups in the left navigation. See Using Group Options for your options on this page.

3. On the Manage Groups page, select Add a Group.

4. In the Add a Group dialog, enter a Group Name.

5. To create a subgroup, select the Subgroup of drop-down and choose an existing group as the parent group.

6. Click Save. When you return to the Manage Groups page, your newly added group or subgroup is listed, and the number of members are shown.

Using group options

Group options allow you to modify product settings for a selected group, or to delete the group (without deleting the users).

1. Log in to the Admin Center at

2. Select Manage Groups in the left navigation. You can:

  • Click on the group name to edit the Group Name.
  • Click the Settings icon to go to User Settings with the group members all selected. This allows you to make product settings for all members from this group. Once in the User Settings screen, however, you can alter your selection of users and apply changes to any user or set of users.
  • Click the Trash icon to delete the group. If you delete a parent group, all subgroups in the parent group are also deleted. Deleting the group does not delete the users in that group. The users remain in the system with the same roles and product settings assigned to them.


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