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The OpenVoice app for Android allows you to join conferences from your Android device – free of charge!

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Join a conference

Join a conference using a toll or toll-free number

Save frequently used conference numbers as Favorites

View conference recordings

Join a conference

1. Launch the OpenVoice app for Android and access the Join screen.

2. Enter the conference number in the Conference ID field and select Join.

Join a conference using a toll or toll-free number

1. Tap the More icon next to the conference you want to join.

2. Tap More phone numbers.

3. A list of countries and their associated numbers will be displayed. Tap to select your desired country and its associated number to dial.

Save frequently used conference numbers as Favorites

If you join a conference 2 or more times, you will see a notification asking if you'd like to save that conference number as a "Favorite". This conference will then show up on the Favorite screen. You can save numbers as "Favorites" in two different ways, as follows:

Option 1

1. Swipe down to access the Notification Center, then tap to select the "Save to Favorites?" notification.

Note: You can remove the notification by dismissing it.

Option 2

1. Go to the Join screen within the app and select + Add Favorite.

2. Enter the conference ID and name, then select the Check icon .

View conference recordings

1. Tap the More icon on the Home screen.

2. Tap Recordings. A list of past conference recordings will appear.

3. Tap Download next to your desired recording to stream and view each.


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